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Judy Kaumeyer

is a Physical Education grad from McMaster University and a Registered Kinesiologist with the BC Association of Kinesiologist (BCAK) . She recently returned to Canada with her family after spending a number of years working in the field of Occupational Health and Workplace Wellness in Australia. Prior to residing in Australia, Judy spent a number of years as fitness facility manager at the University of Calgary, and numerous Calgary based oil and gas corporate fitness facilities. She also found her work at the Canadian Back Institute extremely rewarding and gratifying.

After completing the Fascial Stretch Therapy TM and Active Isolated Stretching courses, Judy has started a new business called OPTIMAL STRETCH. She is available to assist all athletes and active individuals to improve their flexibility and thereby reduce their risk of injury


"As apart of our training program with the Vees, we added a Fascial Stretch Therapy program which was used once and sometimes twice per week on the Players. Judy was fantastic in fascial stretching, her knowledge of the body and how the fascial system works on the body gave our players more flexability which in turn decreased injuries. The deep stretch while moving the body into a greater ROM helped with the players gaining strength and power with their longer muscles after being stretched. Our team loved the stretching, it was definitely a great treatment for the guys and it paid off with the Vees setting a record 42 straight game win streak and winning the RBC National Championship."

-- Geoff Carter, Penticton Vees Jr.A 2009-2012 Athletic Trainer/Equipment Manager, 2012 RBC National Champions

Sample Stretches

Golfer's Elbow Stretch and Strength Rehab

Contact Judy for your own personal home stretching program. Only use these stretches under supervision.

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